The Dadliness Podcast Episode 003: Father’s Eve Founder – John Francis

In this episode of the Dadliness Podcast, I interview the founder of Father’s Eve, John Francis.  Father’s Eve is an organization that brings Dad’s together to connect, share, and celebrate around being a Dad.  He has some great ideas on getting together with Dads and how to handle anger as a Dad.  Hope you enjoy […]

The Dadliness Podcast Episode 002: At-Home Dad Matt Ziegler

In this episode of the Dadliness Podcast, I interview my friend Matt Ziegler.  When I became an At-Home Dad, Matt was the first and only other person I knew that was in this role.  I now feel incredibly blessed to call him a good friend.  In this episode we talk about Matt’s journey to becoming […]

The Dadliness Podcast Episode 001: Landon Vick – Talking Money, Loss, Adoption and More.

In this episode of the Dadliness Podcast, I interview Landon Vick.  We talk about money and how to begin to teach kids how to use money wisely.  Landon also shares his story of losing a child and how that impacted his family.  We talk about adoption and how Landon and his family are currently walking through […]

Dadliness Podcast Episode 000: Introduction

In episode 000, I introduce what Dadliness is about and my vision for the podcast.  I will interview Dads and they will share something they do well as a Dad, as well as where they struggle and how we can learn from it.  We will then discuss anything that the dad being interviewed feels like […]

Parenting Field #3 – Instructing

Third and final parenting field: INSTRUCTING. Far and away the hardest one for me as a Dad! Ok…listening and being are both really hard too. Let’s be honest, being a Dad is HARD! I originally called this field of parenting commanding, but I realized when combined with listening and being it becomes more effective to call it instructing. Let […]