Magic Moments: Fuel for Dads

I see Miller and Lucy Kate do things that create profound thought and feelings within me on a regular basis.  These moments give me glimpses into who they are, as well as into myself. I can walk away with more compassion/tenderness for them and the stage of life they are experiencing. I can also walk away with a conviction, or a new learned thing. Or, it can be a glimpse into their future. I am not sure what happens, but it is like parenting gold that gives me the energy to keep going. It really does feel like magic! It can be as simple as a look, a word, something they say or do, or how they interact with someone else.

I wanted to share an example of a recent Magic Moment that occurred while we were playing in our neighbor’s yard. I was talking with the other parents while all of our kids played together. I was watching Miller, and he saw something in the dirt. He got a puzzled look on his face and then bent over to pick up the item. He was shocked at what he had found. He then brought the object over to me: a big chunk of glass. He couldn’t believe it was just on the ground where someone could have stepped on it and gotten hurt.

Although it is a simple story, I was struck at how Miller’s response was so pure and innocent. He saw a danger and could not believe it was there. He had to do something about it. He is innocent and doesn’t know the dangers of the world we face, yet he knows that danger must be stopped and dealt with. The purity of that moment was magic for me. My love for him is growing, as well as the desire for him to keep that purity of heart. Yet I know it will drift and change. It also brings me back to a deeper purity of myself. Life has been hard at times and I have been wounded. But I still want to be struck by the tragedy of our news cycle. Then be moved to do something with that feeling and recognition. I don’t want to be so numb to all that is happening around me. I want the purity I saw that day.

I love being a Dad. These Magic Moments with my kids are really a spiritual encounter where God shines His love on me and gives the grace to be the Dad I want to be. I need these moments. I have to look for them and be receptive to them.

What are some Magic Moments you have had? What moments are like parenting gold that keep you going as a Dad? This week look for Magic Moments. Let us know what they are and how they help you as a Dad!

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