The Dadliness Podcast Episode 001: Landon Vick – Talking Money, Loss, Adoption and More.

In this episode of the Dadliness Podcast, I interview Landon Vick.  We talk about money and how to begin to teach kids how to use money wisely.  Landon also shares his story of losing a child and how that impacted his family.  We talk about adoption and how Landon and his family are currently walking through this process.  We also discuss ideas on how to help our children get along.  Hope you enjoy this honest conversation with my good friend Landon!

Links mentioned in the Show

Items Mentioned in this Podcast

  • Money Savvy Pig – Blue This the bank I use with my kids.  It really helps teach the idea of spend, save, and give.

In this episode you will learn:

  • 2 Principles to Teach Your Kids about Money:
    • Teach them to Spend, Save, and Give.
    • Allow them to feel the tension of choice.

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