The Dadliness Podcast Episode 003: Father’s Eve Founder – John Francis

In this episode of the Dadliness Podcast, I interview the founder of Father’s Eve, John Francis.  Father’s Eve is an organization that brings Dad’s together to connect, share, and celebrate around being a Dad.  He has some great ideas on getting together with Dads and how to handle anger as a Dad.  Hope you enjoy this podcast with John!

Links Mentioned:

Father’s Eve

John Francis

2 Organizations John is a part of at his daughters school

All Pro Dad

At-Home Dad Network

City Dads Group

Dad Summit 2.0

In this Episode you will learn:

  • When you are angry focus on gratitude.
  • When getting Dads together: Connect, Share, and Celebrate
  • Schools are easy places to connect and serve with other Dads.
  • Father’s Eve is all around the country.  Find a place where you can connect with other Dads or host one yourself.



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