The Dadliness Podcast Episode 004: Aubrey McGowen

In this episode of the Dadliness Podcast, I interview a high school friend and creator of Family Field Guide, Aubrey McGowen. Aubrey is a former worship leader and now speaker and entrepreneur. We talk about faith, family transitions/moves, dealing with our past so we can be better dads, boundaries with work, and tons more.

Links Mentioned:

Rich and Rooted Passover

Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley

Aubrey McGowen Site 

Family Field Guide (Download a guide for making a Bible Journal)

Song and Story (Family Blog with videos of the family building the deck)

In this Episode you will learn:

  • “If you don’t process the past with your own family then your kids pay the price.”
  • Find one daily habit that connects you to your kids.
  • Think of the cost and value of your time and work.
  • Be crystal clear on what you want as a family.  What do you want to define your family?  Find the non-negotiables!
  • Put it all on the table!
  • Get off auto-pilot as a Dad.
  • The power of your presence with your kids plus your encouraging words are a powerful combo.



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