Dadliness Podcast Episode 006: Talking Masculinity

In this episode of the Dadliness Podcast, I (you just get me this time) share some thoughts about how the culture’s view of masculinity is important for us to face with our kids.  I talk a lot about the documentary, The Mask You Live In, as a reference. Search for the documentary on Netflix and watch it.

Links Mentioned:

In this Episode you will learn:

  • Lies of Masculinity
    • Athletic Ability = Masculinity
    • Economic Success = Masculinity
    • Sexual Conquest = Masculinity
  • What can we do as Dads:
    • Work on the issues with in you that aren’t true masculinity.  You have to become aware of your issues and deal with them in order to help your kids.
    • Be aware of how society is shaping the masculinity and femininity.
      • Hyper- Masculinity and Femininity
      • Bechdel Test
      • Terms like “Be A Man”
    • Start an open and honest dialogue about sex with your kids.  Here are a few resources:



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