My name is Adam Nunley. I am married to Elizabeth and love her deeply.

I am an At-Home Dad with two kids: Miller (6) and Lucy Kate (3).

We live and play in Franklin, TN.

I have worked in the past as a high school teacher and football coach. I have also worked as a Children’s Minister and Middle School Minister. I worked most recently as the Spiritual Life Director at a Christian private school, leading chapels, teaching Bible, and leading the spiritual direction of the school. I have a degree from Tennessee Tech in Education and a Masters Degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Family Ministry and Discipleship.

I love being a Dad and it is a privilege to get to do it full time. My favorite part of all of my jobs has been working with the family, especially Dads. I love to connect parents and children, and encourage them to lead in areas that can be hard or uncomfortable. Parents are charged with being the primary disciple makers for their children and I want to help them become that in the life of the people that matter most to them.

I believe Dads are vital for their children, yet have the fewest examples, mentors, or people to look up to as a Dad. I want to help you become the best dad you can be! Email me here or hit us up on social media (@coachnunley) so we can connect and grow on this journey towards DADliness!


P.S. I love lots of other things: my faith, sports, coffee, beer/whiskey, food, friendship, good books, video games, TV shows, and movies. We can talk about all this stuff too.